What is greenbuddha

gb is a lifestyle guru assisting corporates ,high net worth individuals and family offices to smoothly run their operations. The help we can give ranges from specialist tax ,corporate,IP, finance services, charities/NGOs, media and social media right through to hospitality for groups around the globe. We have connections across the world and can set up infrastructure to manage projects anywhere and provide any event ,anywhere. No problem is too complex and no crisis is too small.

The partners of Greenbuddha have a combined experience of 60 years in giving high level advice to businesses in many sectors and can call in experts as needed to make our services one stop and frictionless.

We aim to take the stress out of difficult situations and be your trusted partner who can take the weight of any issue and then deliver honest skilled assessment and results


Our partners allocate specialists to each member dependent upon their requirements and to ensure their dreams are fulfilled. Members indicate what they need and our team produces results. Anything that is needed globally from a new home, luxury car, travel, difficult to get into hotels and restaurants, VIP experience and exclusive events and meetings. gb willtake care of your every need and deliver the services that you need.

Our Services

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We have direct connections with luxury car sellers and resellers and restorers and as needed financiers. We will work out the best way to acuire by purchase or lease and will take care of the paperwork and tedium to get you what you need in the shortest possible time.

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We specialise in well being, spiritualism and mental health as well as our environment. gb provides guidance on leading a better life with the help of therapists and other professionals.

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Whatever help you need in your business life we can provide whether that is offices, equipment workers and events.. we have access to the best accountants, lawyers, marketing professionals and other practitioners.


Spiritual life should include a great measure of common sense.

Karma can change life like the swish of a horses tail.

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